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Meiji Industrial Scope based on FU1000

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 Posted on 6/28/09


PSM-1000 Industrial McroscopeMeiji Techno offers with the FU1000 series focus blocks an attractive way to build a custom microscope.
DIN Standard infinity corrected metallurgical objectives fit into its quintuple nosepiece. A quadruple nosepiece is also available.
This compound optics focus block can mount on a wide variety of boom or pole stands or simply be bolted on to any vertical plate accommodating the bolt pattern. That allows mounting virtually anywhere. Total focus travel is 40mm. Binocular or trinocular viewing heads for photo and video applications with erect and non-erect image and a low cost monocular head are available. Vertical Koehler illumination with halogen or fiber optic light sources, a range of eyepieces and stands or direct mounting onto vertical surfaces give you lots of options.
You can use DIN Standard objectives from Meiji and other suppliers. Meijiís metallurgical objectives include a 50X version with
8 mm working distance.
Or you could use - with the help of an adapter - original Mitutoyo or workalike objectives with even more working distance.

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Part # / Price

Inclined Binocular Head, Erect Image with depolarizer

MA657/05         US$968 £610

Inclined Trinocular Head, Erect Image with 0/100 beam splitter and depolarizer

MA655/05         US$1144  £721

Inclined Trinocular Head, Erect Image with 0/100 beam splitter no depolarizer

MA655        US$810 £511

Inclined Trinocular Head, non-erect image with 80/20 beam splitter and depolarizer

MA603/05         US$1056  £666

Inclined Trinocular Head, non-erect image with 80/20 beam splitter no depolarizer

MA603        US$634 £400

Inclined monocular head for RM and ML series, non-erect image

MA403        US$138 £87

Straight tube only for camera connection

MS-1         US$92 £58

Binocular head - Siedentopf type, non erect image

MA815        US$442 £279

Trinocular head - Siedentopf type, non erect image

MA816        US$626 £395

Ergonomic tilting binocular head - vertically adjustable, non erect image

MA957        US$718 £453

Trinocular head - Siedentopf type, erect image with sliding 0/100 beamsplitter

MA979        US$1035  £653

DIN HWF10X eyepiece, FN 18 (each)

MA406        US$74  £47

DIN KHW10X compensating eyepiece, FN 20 (each)

MA407        US$83  £52

DIN KHW10X compensating focusing eyepiece, FN 20 (each)

MA407/05         US$147 £93

DIN KHW10X compensating focusing eyepiece with crossline and guide pin, FN 20 (each)

MA407CP        US$166 £105

DIN HWF15X eyepiece, FN 12.2 (each)

MA408        US$74  £47

DIN HWF20X eyepiece, FN 9.2 (each)

MA409        US$74  £47

Vertical Koehler Illuminator 115 Volt, 6V 30W halogen

MA651/100        US$616 £388

Vertical Koehler Illuminator 220 Volt, 6V 30W halogen

MA651/200        US$616 £388

Replacement halogen bulb 6V 30watt

MA326        US$18  £11

115V Transformer for MA651/100 (USA)

MA651/05         US$225 £142

220V Transformer for MA651/200 (Eurocord)

MA651/15         US$225 £142

Infinity Corrected Vertical Koehler Illuminator

MA806        US$570 £359

Infinity Corrected Vertical Koehler Illuminator, switchable between brightfield or darkfield

MA993        US$920 £580

Single arm light guide, 60in, flexible

FT190/12-60        US$230 £145

Single arm light guide, 36in, flexible

FT190/12         US$184 £116

Light Source: 120VAC, 50-60Hz

FT190/115        US$331 £209

Light Source: 120VAC, 50-60Hz with iris

FT190/115R         US$414 £261

Light Source: 230VAC, 50-60Hz

FT190/230        US$331 £209

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